Iron Removal & Iron Removal Systems

Iron Removal Solutions 

Are your fences and concrete stained with ugly rust stains by your irrigation water? 
It can be a challenge when the wells used for irrigation have a significant amount of iron. It stains walkways and sidewalks which will be an aesthetic nuisance and is often difficult to remove.
Count on Rainbow Sprinklers, Inc. to offer you a full-service iron removal system to remove the stains from your driveway and sidewalk.

Top-Notch Iron Removal Systems

We carry specialty irrigation products that are designed to provide solutions to treat well water. The “Rid O Rust” prevention system prevents the rust in well water from staining walkways and sidewalks by injecting its formula, along with the "Grass So Green", into the water flow which keeps the landscape green for a longer period.
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We offer a 5-year WARRANTY on all our irrigation products!
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