Service & Maintenance

Efficient Irrigation Systems for Your Property

Save time and effort by installing an irrigation system on your property. This will ensure that your landscape has received the adequate amount of water, and will save you the effort of dragging a hose all over your yard. 

You also needn't worry about watering your lawn, while you're away, as our
automatic irrigation system will timely do what needs to be done. This will give you more free time to enjoy your favorite activities. 

Routine Checks for Your Irrigation System

When you choose Rainbow Sprinklers, Inc., you don't have to worry about the installation, maintenance, or repair needs of your sprinkler system. As the preferred certified vendor of Hunter irrigation products, we provide only the best products and services designed for maximum water efficiency. We'll GUARANTEE your lawn will be free of dry spots after the installation.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Our automatic irrigation systems have smart rain sensor controllers to prevent unnecessary watering and provide additional benefits such as no water days, extra watering cycles, and seasonal adjustments.

Let us help maintain the beauty of your lawn without you having to worry about watering it!
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Annual service contracts are available! Get a 5-year WARRANTY on all our irrigation products.
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