Wireless Irrigation Systems

Smart Wireless Irrigation Systems For Your Property

Avoid excess watering with the help of our smart wireless irrigation systems. These systems can monitor soil conditions in real time with low power, wireless sensor networks. It will automatically calculate the watering cycles to deliver just the right amount of water, while minimizing runoff.

The Hardware

  • Easy installation and setup - It can be easily installed in a span of 30 minutes without using any special tools or expertise, quickly connecting to your home's Wi-Fi.
  • Replaces almost any controller - It can work with your current sprinkler system up to 16 zones.
  • Water directly from the controller - You can access the run zones right from your controller. The manual access allows for local control.
  • Make it waterproof - Our optional outdoor enclosure protects your controller in all weather situations.

The App

  • Remote control - You can start, stop, and change your sprinklers from your phone or computer.
  • Real-time notifications - The app will let you know what's happening on your yard, from rain delays to faulty valves.
  • Detailed water usage reporting - You get detailed reports on how much water is being used.
  • Share access with others - It provides you with the option to share full or limited access with your irrigation professional.


  • Customized for each zone - You get a tailored schedule based on specific plant types, soil types, nozzles, and sun exposure.
  • Any schedule you want - You can specify times and dates for when your schedules should run.
  • Eliminate runoff - It provides you with a smart cycle, which breaks up your schedule into smaller periods to maximize the soil absorption rate.
  • Certified and tested - It's EPA Water Sense certified and SWAT tested.


  • Auto adjust with weather intelligence - It waters automatically based on past, present, and future weather conditions, plus seasonal adjustments. There's no need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Never water in the rain - It connects to a network of thousands of weather stations to get the latest weather updates.
  • Proactive rain skipping - It automatically skips watering if the forecast predicts rains, instead of just reacting to real-time rain.
  • Cold weather delays - It will automatically skip watering due to low temperatures.
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